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M200 specification

Working temperature 0 to +60 °C
Functional temperature -25 to +70 °C
Storage temperature -40 to +85 °C
Temperature coefficient 0.03% per °C (300ppm/°C)
Relative humidity 95% non condensing
Class of climate HSE complying with DIN40040-3 complying with VDE/VDI3540

U.L. Approval File No E157034

Applied Standards
General IEC144/BS5420/VDE/VDI0435/IEC947/EN60947
Safety EN61010-1 DIN57411/VDE0411 ANSI C37
Surge withstand IEC801/EN55020 ANSI C37-90a
Radio screening RFI degree N complying with VDE0875
EMC Emissions EN61326-1
Immunity EN61326-2

Fixing - Snap on to DIN rail 35 x 7.5 mm complying with DIN-EN50022 BS5584
Mounting - Any position
Enclosure Code - Case IP50/terminals IP30 complying with IEC529 BS5490 DIN40050

Test Voltage:
4kV RMS 50Hz 1min. between Input/Case/Auxiliary
Impulse Test:
EMC 5kV transient complying with IEC801/EN55020
HF interference:
EHF 2.5kV 1MHz complying with IEC255-4
Class II complying with IEC348

Relay Output
Type: Dual pole change-over.
Material: Silver / Cadmium
Contact resistance: 200mOhm max Typically <50m Ohm
Rating AC: 250V 5A non resistive 1200VA
Rating DC: 125V 1A resistive 120 watts
Electrical life: 1e6 operations at above load
Mechanical life: 5e6 operations at above load
Operating time: approx. 7ms (20ms max)
Dielectric strength:
Between coil and contacts: 5kV RMS 1min
Between open contacts: 1kV RMS 1min
Between adjacent contacts: 1kV RMS 1min
Insulation resistance: 1000MOhm at 500V DC
Operating temperature: -30 to +75 °C
Approval: UL and CSA recognised