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M240 specification

The M240-RCM Multicoil offers a flexible alternative to conventional solid, and split core, current transformers. With a wide operating range and extremely easy installation, they are perfect for use in retrofitting applications, or when the load simply cannot be disconnected for installation.

Our Rogowski coils offer a flexible, easy to install, and safe method of current measurement from under 30A to over 4000A. The coils can be easily clipped around a cable or busbar like a split-core transformer, but without the possible high-voltage on the terminals associated with an unconnected CT.

The coils can handle large overloads safely, present excellent linearity over their operating range, and can be ordered in multiple lengths to accommodate different sized conductors.

Mechanical and Environment
Coil Material: Dual wall Polyolefin tubing
Fitting Material: ABS Plastic
Operational Temperature Range: -20°C to +70°C
Dielectric Strength: 20kV around coil
Coil Diameter: 8.6mm
Cable Length: 1m (Others available on request)

Available in the following window sizes and lengths:

80mm / 251mm
130mm / 448mm
200mm / 658mm
290mm / 940mm

Custom dimensions are available on request.

Measurement Range: 10-4000A AC
Accuracy: < 0.6%
Linearity: +/- 0.3%
Output: 200mV @ 4000A AC 50Hz
Output Conductor: Two core, shielded
Frequency Range: 25Hz - 5KHz