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M100-WTx Introduction

The M100-WTx kWh transducer comes in a 100mm case.
Its mechanical counter is 7 digits long and is non resetable.
When the counter exceeds 9999999 it rolls over to zero.
The M100-WTx can be supplied with a pulsed output allowing it to be connected to remote counters, PLCs data loggers and computers and a mA output proportional to the instantaneous power being measured.
1. Pulsed output.
2. Analogue output of instantaneous power
3. Non standard pulsed width.
4. Calibration at temperature other than 23 °C
5. Calibration at nominal Hz 35 ..... 450 Hz.

Product code:
100mm case with Mechanical Counter
Single Phase..............M100-WT1
3ph 3W bal. Load.....M100-WT2
3ph 4W bal. Load.....M100-WT3
3ph 3W unbal. Load..M100-WT4
3ph 4W unbal.load.....M100-WT9

Ordering Information Example
Product Code M100-WT4
C.T. ratio 500/5 AMP
Frequency 50Hz
Auxiliary Voltage 230V
Options Pulsed output