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M552 C-Tran Introduction
The M552 C-Tran is a Current Transformer complete with an integrated, fully programmable, three phase power transducer. It provides two isolated RS485 communication ports both using Modicon's Modbus protocol.
The transducer's accuracy is class 0.2% for voltage and current signals down to 10% Un and 10% In, class 0.3 for power measurements and 1% of reading for energy measurements. (IEC1036), 50-60Hz.

The CT is class 1%

The M552 C-Tran measures Voltages, Currents, Import/Export Power (W, VAr, VA), True Power Factor, Frequency, Import/Export Demands(Wd, VArd, VAd, Ad) and Import/Export Energy and Hours Run

All measured quantities can be obtained from the transducer, the system's parameters can be set up remotely, important data can be saved to computer and the order of the Modbus registers themselves can be changed.

A second RS485 port can be used to drive up to 31 LCD meter style terminals.

Product Code M552-CTR
Nominal input voltage 280/485V AC
Nominal input current 100A AC
System Frequency 50Hz